Traditional Cuisine
Romagna's Flavors as you've never experienced them before!

Treat yourself to the most delicious dishes from our traditions!
The unique experience of indulging in just out of the oven pies and breads, the freshness of the best home made pasta! These are the flavors of our land!
And to take your Romagna experience to the next level don't miss our special menu evenings: "Gran Galà Buffet" and "Dinner Under the Stars" which run every two weeks!

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Sweet and Savory Buffet Breakfast...
you gotta start the day right!!

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked pies, donuts, fruit tarts, pancakes, bomboloni (traditional Italian deep fried dough), croissant...and other home made and delicious treats!!
Huge variety of jams, cereals, cookies, Nutella, fresh fruit, juices, yogurt and, of course, freshly baked breads, cold cuts, cheese board and other savory specialties!
Fancy some scrambled eggs? poached or maybe fried? Coming right up, just ask one of our amazing staff members!!

The Real Traditional
Cuisine from Romagna

Discover tradition and history in our Romagna dishes prepared the way our grand mothers used to do it!
Three different menus: meat or fish menu and a third choice with some classic dishes, perfect for children, freshly made pasta and a wide selection of appetizers and salads.
Have a sweet tooth? Fear not, we got you covered!!
We've got a daily selection of pies, creamy desserts like creme caramel and panna cotta all strictly made in house! Fresh fruit and gelato also available!!

Theme Party Night...
it's fun all around!

Join us in one of our monthly Party dinners and soak in the exciting Summer vibe of the Adriatic Riviera!
Dinner Under the Stars, taste the finest, local cuisine under a sky full of stars!
Once a month the whole street is a long block party with great food, music and dancing!
Gran Galà Buffet for fish lovers only...or maybe not!
Every fifteen days we throw a fish cuisine extravaganza with more than 10 different appetizer dishes, pasta with fish, fried fish platters, pizza, focacce, piadina and much more!! Don't miss out!

Would you like to include one of these amazing evenings in your vacation dates? Get in touch with us and we'll make sure to keep you posted!!

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Gluten Free Menu
AIC Member since 2012 (Italian Celiac Association)

Indulge in our wide menu of gluten free dishes. You can taste a different dish, every day, safely prepared in our gluten free dedicated kitchen!!
Safety is one of our top priorities and that's why with a gluten free dedicated kitchen we can offer a wide range of options keeping up with high quality and safety standards!
Don't miss out on anything and try our gluten free pasta, pizza, breads, pies and baked goods!

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