Hotel offers Gluten Free menu in Misano
Pies, bread, fresh pasta and plenty of home made specialties

On your perfect Summer Vacation let us take care of you with our Gluten Free cuisine! Every day we'll surprise you with a delicious and traditional home made dish!
We're proud to be the very first hotel in Misano Adriatico to be certified "Gluten Free" by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) in 2012.
Our chef and owner Loretta will be your personal "tutor", always available to assist and guide you through the best food options to better fit your diet and your taste!

Hotel associated with AIC

Gluten Free Specialties and a Taste of Romagna
all of it prepared in our dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen

Discovered our Gluten Free options while choosing from our regular daily menu!
That's right!! You chose your dish, any dish, and we will take care of everything, preparing the very same delicious recipe in our Gluten Free kitchen using only the best ingredients!
Indulge in the sent of the freshly made bread and the flavor of our home made pasta still prepared the old way using the traditional "Mattarello Romagnolo" (Romagna rolling pin)!!

Enjoy your personalized, Gluten Free breakfast inclusive of a home made pie selection (usuale 5 or 6), cereals, toasted bread, cold cuts, yogurt, fruit, local jams and of course Nutella!!

Our traditional lunch shines with some of the most delicious pasta dishes!!
Pick from "Fresh Tagiolini pasta with Seafood", "Home made Ravioli with Fish filling", "Home made Potato gnocchi", "Big Tortelli with Ricotta cheese and Spinach", "Lasagne" and "Tagliatelle Bolognese", "Passatelli" a surprisingly amazing local pasta made with bread and the famous "Tortellini in chicken broth"…and, of course, the mix fried fish platter battered in rice flour! Absolutely mouth watering!!
Never to forget our Gluten Free, always home made pizza, focaccia and piadina romagnola!!

And to end the meal on a sweet note can't miss Loretta's home made apple strudel, "Grandmas Pie", tiramisù, cioccolate cake, fruit tart, creme caramel and panna cotta!
Finally, should you feel like a post dinner drink or a night cap join our Stefano at the hotel bar for a cocktail or a Gluten Free beer!!

Let us take care of you!!

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