Buffet Gala - Hotel Morotti

You love fish? You can not miss our gala buffet with always new and tasty preparations of our chef Anna Martini.
An example? Below the menu of a buffet:

marinated sardines with mustard of onions
Salmon “home-smoked” with cane sugar and herbs
shrimp in plain sight
seafood salad with celery and green apple
octopus carpaccio with pink pepper
sea ​​bass with orange
marinated salmon with lemon and dill
scampi rocket and parmesan
candy fish fries
swordfish rolls and goat

etc …

among the first:

tortelloni of sea bass with clams and courgettes
passatelli with dry fish, basil and pendulums
crepes with shellfish with cartoon fish and asparagus
seafood paella and seafood
lasagnette shrimp and artichokes

the seconds:

mixed fried prawns, squid and vegetables to julienne
kebabs of grilled fish
mussels marinara or gratin
squid and shrimp rolls
Fresh tuna in porchetta

and much more:

salads, vegetables, pies and pizzas, fruit and pastries!

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